General pre-release kit ordering is now closed. This page is for reference only.

Star Realms Frontiers Prerelease Kit for Retailers

Local game stores are very important to us. We created the Star Realms Kickstarter Prerelease Kit for Retailers so that they can get our new games early, get Kickstarter exclusive products, and get 50% off of MSRP.  This offer is for Brick & Mortar stores only!

The Star Realms Kickstarter Prerelease Kit for Retailers features all NINE of the new Star Realms Sets! We may add additional items to the kit as the campaign progresses, and currently the kit includes the following at 50% off of MSRP: 

  • 3 Displays of Frontiers (18 units). Frontiers is a deckbuilding game for 1-4 players, that is both a standalone game and fully compatible with Star Realms Deckbuilding Game and all of its expansions!
  • 12 Packs of Stellar Allies. Stellar Allies is a 12-card Kickstarter exclusive multi-faction expansion pack!
  • 1 Display (12 units per display) Each (72 units total) of The Alignment, The Alliance, The Coalition, The Pact, The Union, and The Unity Packs. These are each 17-card Command Decks that allow you to play as a legendary commander in the Star Realms universe!
  • 12 Packs of The Lost Fleet Command Deck. The Lost Fleet a Kickstarter exclusive Command Deck!
  • 12 sets of Year 2 Promo Cards and Individual Stretch Goal Promo Cards. All the Kickstarter exclusive promo cards that backers get!

The Kickstarter Prerelease Kits will be priced at 50% off MSRP (plus shipping). Additional products may be added as the campaign progresses. The Prerelease Kits will ship to retailers prior to the new products going into general retail distribution, with a planned December 2017 delivery date. 

If you would like to order a Star Realms Prerelease Kit, please back the Star Realms Kickstarter for $1 by clicking here. Then proceed to fill out the form below, and you will receive an email after the completion of the campaign with more details. You can also contact [email protected] with questions.


  • Star Realms Frontiers 1-4 Player Box Set $20.00 per unit
  • Stellar Allies $5 per pack
  • Command Deck $6 per pack
  • Year 2 Promo Cards and the individual stretch goal promo cards: FREE! (not intended for resale)