Meet the Team

White Wizard Games is a team of seasoned gamers dedicated to crafting fun and exciting game experiences.

Rob Dougherty, CEO

Rob is the lead designer of Epic Card Game and the lead developer of Star Realms. He was the co-founder, co-designer and COO of the Ascension deckbuilding game. He is also a Magic the Gathering Pro Tour Champion and a member of the Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame. For 15 years Rob was New England’s premier tournament organizer. In addition, he is the designer of Battleground: Fantasy Warfare and the Epic TCG.

Darwin Kastle, Creative Director

Darwin is the lead designer and art director for Star Realms and Hero Realms. He is also the lead developer and art director for Epic Card Game.  He is a Magic the Gathering Pro Tour Champion and a member of the Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame. Darwin is also the designer of The Battle for Hill 218The Battle for Sector 219 and Space Station Assault. In addition, he has worked as a designer and a developer on games such as AscensionVS. SystemEpic TCG and Battleground: Fantasy Warfare.

Tan Thor Jen, Head of Digital

Tan is head of digital development for Star Realms, Epic Card Game and Cthulhu Realms. He is the founder of Decked Studios, producer of the Decked Builder and Decked Drafter line of mobile apps. He is also the original author of Apprentice, the first program to allow gamers to play Magic the Gathering over the internet (officially acknowledged and licensed by Wizards of the Coast).


Debbie Moynihan, Studio Manager and Director of Marketing

Debbie is the Studio Manager and Director of Marketing for White Wizard Games. She has over 15 years of marketing experience in high-growth businesses. Having attended MIT twice, she’s well versed in geek/gaming culture. She manages day-to-day operations of the business and leads the marketing strategies and programs for the company. You will often find her at game conventions helping spread the word about Star Realms, Hero Realms and Epic Card Game.

Jay Lansdaal, Digital Project Manager

Jay is project manager for the Star Realms digital app,Cthulhu Realms app and the upcoming Epic Card Game app. He is also head of customer and distributor relations. Jay has competed on the Magic the Gathering Pro Tour, and has played chess and bridge on a national level in the Netherlands.

Antonis Papantonio, Lead Artist

Antonis is the lead artist for White Wizard Games. He creates art and graphics for Epic, Hero Realms, Star Realms, and the upcoming Sorcerer card game. He is also creating the visuals for the upcoming Epic digital app.  He specializes in concept design and world-building, and he has visually developed several unique game worlds such as the Among the Stars universe and the clockwork world of Archon.

Randy Delven, Graphic and Web Designer

Randy is head of web design for White Wizard Games. He also does graphic design on Star Realms and Epic Card Game. Randy was lead web developer for Isca Design Studio. He also spent three years as a game demoer at conventions such as Pax East, Origins, Gen Con, and Dragon Con. He has organized Magic the Gathering tournaments for over ten years and enjoys playing competitive Magic.

Peter Scholtz, Game Designer

Peter recently joined White Wizard Games as a Game Designer. He leads our European team. He is the creator of the (not yet published) Sorcerer card game and lead designer of several upcoming game titles. He has worked as a freelance artist for game publishers all over the world. He has been a TCG player and fantasy artist for more than 20 years. Away from work, Peter can be found writing stories, reading comic books, watching horror movies, designing unique settings, and adventuring.