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Sorcerer Pre-Release Kit

Local game stores are very important to us. We created this Prerelease Kit for Retailers so that they can get our new games early and get Kickstarter exclusive products. This is a special offer for retailers with brick and mortar stores, limited to 1 kit per store, and ending on March 22nd, at midnight PST. This kit includes:

Product NameQuantityUnit MSRPTotal MSRPExclusiveSKU
Sorcerer Base Game449.99199.96WWG700
Bloodsoaked Fjord Domain Pack44.9919.96WWG703
Children of Alyisia Lineage Pack49.9939.96YesWWG711
Jaleesa Character Pack45.9923.96YesWWG707
Lunatic Asylum Domain Pack44.9919.96YesWWG712
Raganhar Character Pack45.9923.96YesWWG708
Royal Palace Domain Pack44.9919.96YesWWG713
Sylvanei Lineage Pack49.9939.96WWG702
Thenoch Character Pack45.9923.96YesWWG709
Virgiliu Character Pack45.9923.96WWG701
Wachiwi Character Pack45.9923.96YesWWG710
Witch Mountain Domain Pack44.9919.96YesWWG714

Total MSRP: $479.52
Discount: 58%
Price: $199.99
PLUS Free U.S. Shipping*

*Free shipping within the U.S. contiguous 48 states. Estimated delivery May 2019. Planned retail release date is June 2019 for the base game and August 2019 for expansion packs.